Simplicity: a well-architected connectivity system

Well-managed retrofit connectivity installations in the cabin and flight deck, on-time, on budget.

Airborne connectivity systems can be complex. Our extensive experience streamlines solution installation while identifying and mitigating risk.

We’ve possessed a DOA (Design Organization Approval) for more than 17 years. Our Eclipse Technics team can help you define your requirements, and then architect entirely bespoke, or a pre-packaged complete system that both is ready for the future and meets your current needs. We take connectivity system design projects a step further with our unique holistic approach. We will work with you to get a deep understanding of your needs, and review and understand your aircraft to propose an architecture that will best satisfy your requirements and budget. In addition, in every project, we offer full program management from concept to completion including planning, budgeting, and selecting the appropriate  materials, equipment, airborne applications and associated airtime. We’re flexible, providing services at the level that best suits you.

Let us architect your aircraft’s connectivity system.