27.10.20 / Defense

The Airborne ISR SATCOM Checklist

Moving from "I want a certain speed’ to ‘getting what you need"

For Eclipse and our clients, it’s not about just getting ‘a solution,’ but to get ‘the right solution.

The aviation industry is well known for its checklists. They take the guess work out of completing tasks and create a framework for better outcomes. With this knowledge, the Eclipse Global Connectivity team developed a checklist for selecting Satellite Communications (SATCOM) capabilities on Airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance platforms (A-ISR).

Working with airborne ISR operators to develop a well-defined operational requirement that meets their mission goals is how we also help them to do more with less,” Eclipse Global Connectivity’s international sales director, Ben Massey notes. “A-ISR platforms have unique requirements, which is why we developed our A-ISR Checklist. It’s a good starting point for thinking about SATCOM, to get the most effective system for the missions you’re going to fly.

The Eclipse team recognizes that the SATCOM ecosystem is complex and with the broad and increasing range of systems on the market, it can be challenging to wade through all the details. Eclipse Global Connectivity’s A-ISR checklist captures the most important considerations on the road to adding SATCOM to an aircraft. Things like aircraft, mission and information types may seem obvious, but these factors will have a direct effect on the system required; as will geographical requirements. The checklist is designed as a first step to helping operators and the Eclipse team get to the heart of the requirement. So, in the end, the SATCOM installed is not only the most effective for right now, it will also stand the aircraft in good stead into the future.

We prefer to think of SATCOM as a capability,” Ben acknowledges. “For Eclipse and our clients, it’s not about just getting ‘a solution,’ but to get ‘the right solution.’ In our experience, each operator’s mission profile is unique, which means a cookie-cutter approach may not make sense. Plus, we have a number of options to help A-ISR aircraft operators get the most out of the capability that is installed. For example, our Aero+ Software platform delivers capabilities for video compression, secure voice and data transmissions and other features that enhance A-ISR operations.

Eclipse Global Connectivity and Eclipse Technics are focused on delivering the best connectivity solution for your mission. As independent experts, the Eclipse team has more than 20 years of experience architecting, certifying, integrating and provisioning bespoke A-ISR SATCOM solutions for defense organizations around the globe.

To learn more, visit us or send Ben Massey an e-mail.