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The Eclipse Technics Story

How past expertise supports future innovation

More than two decades of design, engineering, certification expertise and the resulting data backs every new modification project we undertake…

The next time you are considering a modification to your aircraft, your first thought should be Eclipse Technics. This team of innovative design and certification experts possesses more than 20 years of experience. Utilizing A treasure-trove of data and know-how, Eclipse Technics is delivering modern, high-quality modifications, and equipment that is more installation and maintenance friendly.

A division of Eclipse Global Connectivity, Eclipse Technics was established in 1998 as EAD Aerospace to engineer and develop STCs, installation kits for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer among other aircraft types. Early projects ran from Interiors and structural modifications to avionics and connectivity systems, and the team also developed solutions for regulation mandates. This long history of innovation and the resulting expertise, intellectual property and data are the DNA of Eclipse Technics—what allows the team to bring forward new, ingenious modification solutions for aircraft and rotorcraft.

More than two decades of design, engineering, certification expertise and the resulting data backs every new modification project we undertake,” says Patrick Gindre our sales director at Eclipse Technics. “We are airborne system retrofit experts, and more. Our team possesses deep experience in design, manufacturing and certification services, including installation kits and wire harnesses many of which are available pre-packaged, and can also be entirely customized.



Eclipse Technics approaches the market as system agnostics, independent of manufacturers and vendors, with wide-ranging experience. The division has DOA Part 21 and POA with which an immense range of FAA and EASA STCs for a broad number of aircraft and rotorcraft types has been developed. Expertise encompasses retrofit projects from commercial and business aircraft including VVIP and VIP, to military aircraft and helicopters for cabin and cockpit avionics, Satcom and Air to Ground systems, and connectivity system modifications.

Our strategy has changed since we became part of the Eclipse family in 2015, and we’ve narrowed our focus on inflight connectivity solutions,” Patrick explains. “We are taking a proactive approach, providing complete products, such as our SATCOM Universal Mounting System, SUMS. And our thirst for ingenuity continues to push us forward, producing lower maintenance solutions, that take advantage of fiber optics, for example on Air to Ground projects. We’re also advancing electrical systems to increase overall equipment efficiencies.

As Patrick observes, the division really thrives in up-stream discussions with system manufacturers vendors, and maintainers. “Even before new products are brought to market, we can offer a sometimes-overlooked perspective—reflecting equipment maintenance and integration needs. In this way, we work with aviation industry leaders to facilitate products that are easier to install, certify and maintain.

As founding members of IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, the Eclipse Technics team is deeply committed to best practices. The result is far better outcomes for aircraft owners and operators and aviation as a whole. The team is steadfast in its desire to work for the common good where STCs are concerned.


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