Cabin and cockpit connectivity

Connectivity solutions for defense, business and commercial aviation tailored for individual aircraft mission needs.

We live and breathe airborne connectivity

Defense, airline and business aircraft owners and operators trust Eclipse Global Connectivity for tailored connectivity systems.

Retrofitting an aircraft with onboard connectivity is by its nature, complex. Eclipse Global Connectivity is an innovative partner in your pursuit to be connected while inflight. We offer a complete solution from concept to completion. With more than 20 years’ experience, we have helped a variety of defense, Head of State, commercial and business aircraft owners and operators to obtain systems that meet their needs.

Eclipse Global Connectivity works with the aviation industry’s most respected OEMs to deliver the latest in broadband for the cabin—GX and EAN, and connectivity for the cockpit, like ACARS including:

  • Full suite of connectivity hardware
  • Innovative onboard applications
  • Airtime


We have vast experience with Satcom (Satellite Communications), ATG (Air to Ground) and GSM connectivity systems implemented on defense, commercial, business and VIP aircraft in the cabin and cockpit.