Eclipse Global Connectivity offers innovative IFE and airborne network solutions for commercial, business, VIP and VVIP aircraft

Visionary onboard network and cabin entertainment solutions

No longer an option: modern airborne connectivity and IFE are indispensable

IFE (Inflight Entertainment) used to mean movies and music, but the modern aircraft passenger expects more, and Eclipse Global Connectivity can deliver. Cabin connectivity has become an integral element of the IFE ecosystem. At Eclipse, we offer complete bespoke systems for commercial and business aviation. Our partner, Display Interactive, delivers innovative IFE services and solutions tailored to both airlines and business aviation.


Surfing the internet and streaming videos are easily classified as IFE, but not in the traditional sense. This is where onboard connectivity augments traditional IFE solutions with Wi-Fi, onboard networks, voice and data capabilities. The Eclipse Global Connectivity team can architect your system, and through its partner offers unique content to keep passengers engaged and satisfied.


Onboard connectivity is a new enabler of new revenue streams for many airlines. We understand the new demands on airlines and how to make connectivity a benefit to your bottom line – not just a Wi-Fi hotspot.